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Heidi is the second of my five children and the first to be born in Michigan.  After several years , Paula and I felt that it was time for Marty, our first born, to have a sibling.

She was born December 1967 at Flint General Hospital in Flint, Michigan.  Like all my children, she attended the Goodrich School system through High School.  Being a smart kid (like all the rest of the clan), she graduated early from High School.  She spent some time in Santa Cruz, California, trying to establish residency so that she might qualify for a discount in college costs.   Not being satisfied with the results, she came back to Michigan, and attended  Concordia College, Ann Arbor.

She was quite active in the youth programs at Faith Lutheran Church in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  She was a popular girl with a wide circle of friends both within the Church, her school and the community.
Heidi R. Stevens
As one of her Church activities, she joined the Lutheran Youth Encounter (LYE) Spoke Folk team that spent some time on bicycles peddling though central Pennsylvania.  She met a fellow bicycler, Rick Stevens, and that friendship latter on blossomed into marriage in July, 1990.  Rick and Heidi built a house in Maryland on a corner of the Stevens’ family farm where they have their own working hobby of raising Babydoll Sheep for enjoyment and sale.  Their farm, Saint Stephen’s Fold, and information about Babydoll Sheep may be accessed by clicking here.  Rick is an active trainer with a gas and electric company and Heidi is an art teacher at a classical and Christian school. Two fine gems, Ellie and Madeleine, adorn the crown of this family.

The Stevens have joined Geocaching and are known as “CuteLittleSheep”.
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