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Martin W. Holmes (Marty)

Born in 1964 at Martin Army Hospital in Georgia, Marty is the first of five children.  I was  a Med Tech at the hospital with Spec E5 rating but lived off base in Columbus GA with Paula, my first wife.   Marty was a good first child, somewhat quiet and letting us get sleep most nights.

The budding family moved to Michigan in early 1965 in the middle of a blinding snowstorm.  We lived in Flint for a few months (Marty's crib was a dresser draw as our furniture was in storage), then moved to Grand Blanc.  We made two moves within Grand Blanc before finally building our home on Vassar Road.

This section will be very jumbled and not consecutive but as my thoughts come to mind.  Marty attended the Goodrich School System through High School.  He started Violin training at the ripe old age of three through the Suzuki system in Flint then to the Detroit Institute of Music.   Over the years he has "mastered" about every instrument in the band or orchestra.   Violin, Clarinet, and String Bass really are at the core of his musical interests.   One hobby comes to mind - his unicycle.  He was very good!  A mental picture is him riding up to the bus stop at next door neighbor about a quarter of a mile up a dirt road on the unicycle, eating an apple picked off our trees and reading a book at the same time.  WOW!   He then attended Central Michigan University and Concordia University-Ann Arbor.

Marty was and is very active in his Church.  During his late teenage years, he was active on two Lutheran Youth Encounter music teams, one of which made a tour of Australia from Perth to Queensland, about one month in the Philippines and then the balance of a year in the US. 

After graduating from college, He spent several years as a  Music Instructor and HS Band Director near Minneapolis MN.  He then transferred to a communications position with an foremost Storage Area Networks (SANs) company.  In April 1985, he married Julie Ann Welgraven from Sioux Falls, SD.  In Sept 1993, Kelsey Ann was born and in July 1998, Brandon Robert came on the scene.

Marty and Family are quite active in Church activities.  One game they play (and got me interested in) is Geocaching.  They are known as the minnesotaCUKES Geo Team.   The box which follows contains their geo stats at
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