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Heather R. Forster
Rebekah J. Hoeft
Each of my children were planning to have a seperate page but since Heather and Rebekah are twins, I'm making an exception.

After Marty and Heidi came along we took a break of about eight years before these two appeared in December 1975. Several interesting or at least humorous stories they share in common:

Paula was getting a little big but the doctor said everything was fine. Then, one week from delivery, after the doctor had made his exam, Peg, the nurse, thought she heard an "echo" heart beat. Dr. Gerry still could not hear the "echo" so he finally ordered an X-ray (the ultrasounds did not show twins). Sure enough, there the two lay, face to face. Paula was still driving at this time and drove to the Flint Public Library where I was waiting after work. When she met me, I asked how things went. She said "OK, OK". "Well did the doctor say anything special?" "Yes, Yes". She kept this double talk up for quite some time. I did not catch on very soon and was getting a little exasperated! Finally, I got a glimmer of a thought and the truth came out. I hear from impartial witnesses, that you could hear me all over Flint. At least two windows in the library had to be replaced.
One week later, Paula and I and Marty and Heidi were watching the Nutcracker Suite at Whiting Auditorium. Twenty minutes into the first act, Paula said "Ouch". Five minutes later she said "Ouch" again. The third time I said, "We are out of here". Lucky for us, Wynne, a good friend, was singing in the choir on stage. I quickly rounded up the head usher, explained the situation and said, Connect the kids up with Wynne. He said no problem. We then hopped in the old VW with its slipping clutch and just barely made it to Flint Osteopathic Hospital. They got her to the delivery room and delivered the two before I could even finish the hospital sign in work. So much for the Lamaze Childbirth training.   They had to stay in the hospital for a couple weeks as they were underweight.  But all went well and now are fine women with two children of their own.

Like the two before them, they attended the Goodrich school system through high school. At one time in the fairly small Goodrich grade school, there were five sets of twins. They were very active at Faith Lutheran Church in Grand Blanc, MI. There they played basketball and softball during middle school and high school. The youth group and the friends they made there were an important part of their lives. They made friends there that they have still today.  After high school their lives began to split, so also will this column.
Heather, being the first born by a few moments, gets the first column.

Heather, after completing high school, decided to attend Capital University in Columbus, OH for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. After obtaining her RN license in 1998, she worked on a cardiovascular-thoracic surgical unit, and also as a home health nurse. She now works as a Safety Specialist in the Global Safety and Pharmacovigilance department of a large pharmaceutical contract research organization in Cincinnati, OH.

Rebekah (Bekah), while just a few moments later entering this world, certainly did not take second place to her sister.   These two, while very close in appearance and the best of friends, had their own interests and goals.

Bekah attended Concordia College in Ann Arbor, MI and obtained her degree in teaching.  Since then, she has remained in Michigan, teaching at Lutheran schools in the Detroit area.  Her first teaching position was at Bethlehem Lutheran in Roseville.  After
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She married her college sweetheart, Joseph Matthew Forster (Mat) from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, in June 1998. After graduation, they relocated to Cincinnati in order for Mat to pursue a Master's Degree in Music (Trombone Performance) and later another undergraduate degree, this time in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati.

Since then, she and Mat have been blessed with two fine boys. 

Heather and Mat bought a GPS unit in order to get on the GeoCache bandwagon, but have only logged a few finds so far. Hopefully Team OurDogIsFat can do better in the upcoming years! The inspiration for the team name is a black lab named Belle who has been severely demoted in status since the arrival of their two boys.
two years, she received a call to a teaching position at Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran in Redford, where she is still teaching.  While at Hosanna- Tabor, she received her Masters in the Art of Teaching and continues to take classes to keep her teaching certificate up-to-date. 

She married James Matthew Hoeft (Jim), whom she met while at Concordia, in June, 1999.  Jim also teaches at Hosanna-Tabor, as well as serving as the athletic director, communion assistant, reader, head trustee, soloist, part-time custodian, and all-round great, but terribly busy guy. 

She and Jim have also been blessed with two great children.  Audra Rose was born in May, 2004 and Simon James was born in April, 2007. 

Bekah and Jim aspire to be expert geocachers like Dad and Cindy, but have quite a bit of catching up to do!  Besides hanging out with her children, Bekah enjoys reading, writing, attempting to garden, and visiting family.  Jim, in the few moments of spare time that he has, enjoys watching sports (Go, Lions!  Go Redwings!  Go, Michigan! Go, Pistons!), doing crossword puzzles, and playing fantasy football.