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My Kids
Nathan P. Holmes
After a short four year break from the twins, Nathan was born in July 1980.  By now, Marty and Heidi was off to college but the twins were still around to help Paula and I raise this intelligent, inquisitive boy.  Nathan always was asking why and was not satisfied with a quick answer.  As he progressed through the Goodrich school system he made many friends.  At about the age of 14, his mother Paula succumbed to cancer after many years of treatment.  This was a shock to this young man and certainly made a dent in his upbringing.  But his resilient nature brought him through this dark time.  Nathan loved the Dell computer I bought him and he spent many hours exploring the many games available.   After graduating from Goodrich High School, not knowing what direction to go in his life, he joined the US Army and was based for several years at Fort Hood, Texas.